Searching Mobile

July 16, 2018

YouTube Marketing

True View Video Marketing

 YouTube has become one of the most popular sites to visit on  smart phones, tablets and I-Pads. Having YouTube videos linked to your main site is believed to help with organic rankings and key to a well-planned mobile marketing campaign.  Searching Mobile offers YouTube Video slideshow creation to help increase your reach and tell the story of your business. Some of our campaigns offer TrueView by Google which is a low cost YouTube video marketing campaign done via Google Adwords. Ask us if this could help your business.


 YouTube Facts:

1) The average YouTube user spends at least 15 to 25 minutes daily watching videos

2) More video content is uploaded in a 60 day period than three major TV networks in 60 years

3) YouTube has over 500 million unique users worldwide per month

4) There are at least four hundred (400) Tweets per minute containing a YouTube link

5) On Facebook, over 150 years of YouTube videos are watched daily