Searching Mobile

July 16, 2018

Why Go Mobile

How do I know that I need a Searching Mobile Campaign? Mobile search is rapidly growing market and right now advertising mobile is producing terrific ROI. If you are looking to reach prospects effectively in your local markets, we can offer you a customizable and affordable solution that is measurable. Based on the geo-specific locations you want to reach, we can deliver a strong web presence for a relative small spend.

Why do I need Searching Mobile if I already advertising online? Mobile searches are limited to mobile devices; whereas search engine marketing appears on computers and laptops.  Missing out on searchers on mobile devices may be costing you opportunity and strengthen your competitors

How are mobile search campaigns different from SEO? Traditional SEO programs are not optimized for the mobile devices. Instead they focus on obtaining backlinks and onsite keywords for search engine rankings for people using computers and desktops.  With a mobile search program, your advertisements appear as sponsored listings on search directories, search sites and applications.