Searching Mobile

July 16, 2018

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

There is no question that people are attached to their smart phone.  Most have their phones with them at all times and claim they would rather give up chocolate, wine or cable TV than to give up their smart phone. These phones are used for more than just talking and texting.  People are using them to find services and products they wish to purchase. Mobile Search Data reveals that a mobile searcher is further along in the purchase and decision process than with any other form of media and are ready to buy now!

Searching Mobile helps business to have a broad web presence and allow our clients to be found where consumers are searching while using their mobile phone. We use various techniques that make your site highly visible in search directories, maps and navigation applications.  We can even use geo-targeted ads to target consumers in a specific location or city. We offer Pay-per-click mobile campaigns that often yield strong results both in cost and better conversion rates compared with desktop Pay-per-click campaigns.

Searching Mobile Facts:

People use their phones to search 6 to 10 times looking for products and or services they are ready to purchase.

Research shows that mobile searches in 5 years be the main way people use the internet to find businesses.

50 % of mobile searches results in a call to a  business.

66 % of call inquiries are placed from the searcher’s car.

Why Searching Mobile?

Great way to attract local customers!

Delivers the right consumer when they are motivated to buy!

Keyword and Location Based Consumer Targeting

Ability to measure success of the campaign via analytics